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      Explore New Possibilities with KATANA™ Zirconia

      KATANA™ Zirconia YML is redefining zirconia in esthetic dentistry. This product is characterized by a unique raw material combination of highly translucent zirconia and high strength, integrated together by advanced manufacturing technology.

      KATANA™ Zirconia YML is the latest KATANA™ multi layered disc with a well-balanced combination of color / translucency and flexural strength gradation. Thanks to Kuraray Noritake Dental’s proprietary multi layered technology, this latest development has been realized by matching three raw materials with different yttria components.

      These layers are perfectly harmonized to each other due to the fact that all fundamental production steps, including purification, refining of the zirconia raw material and the addition of essential components such as yttria, are all processed in-house by Kuraray Noritake Dental. Combined with a proprietary zirconia pressing technique as well as our refined pre-sintering process, the new KATANA™ Zirconia YML adapts harmoniously to the KATANA™ family.

      As an “All-In-One Disc Solution”, KATANA™ Zirconia YML offers exceptional design flexibility from long-span full-arch monolithic bridges to highly esthetic anterior monolithic crown restorations.

      Learn the KATANA™ Zirconia Difference